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This is a pattern from Quilters Dream.  I was trying to use up some of my Kansas Troubles fabrics.
IMG_1894This quilt was hanging in the fibre festivalimageBaby quilt for Brooks, Kelsey and Brodie.imageWedding quilt for Vanessa and ColinimageI’m adding some of my older quilt – this one was made in 2003!imageThe following quilts were all hanging outdoors at the Outdoor Quilt Show in Moose Jaw in July.  Apparantly, it was quite a windy day!

The following photos are from the Moose Jaw Prairie Hearts Quilt Guild show in April, 2011.  I had the honor of being the “featured quilter” for this show.  These photos show the display of my quilts. I hung around the display for the two days of the show; it was wonderful to meet old friends and make some new friends!!

These were quilts that I had in the Outdoor Quilt Show in Moose Jaw, July 2010:

These are “commission” quilts – made for people this spring. Everybody seems to be liking “blue” this year. The other quilt is made with over 200 ties- photos don’t do it justice!

These wall hangings were made for Erika Ludwar to take to host families in Brazil and Argentina.  She tells me that they were thrilled. Thanks to Gus, Karen and Heather for their comments and insight into how to make them more realistic.


Pressed Leaves:  This is a Kansas Troubles pattern. My goal was to make a scrappy quilt to use up some of my Kansas Troubles fabrics. I’ll have to find another scrappy pattern to use up those that are still in the basket!!

Maple Leaves:  This is a Buggy Barn pattern. I keep adding to my collection! I do seem to enjoy making their patterns. I also seem to enjoy making quilts with leaves!

Random Flowers:  This is a wall hanging that I made in a class at Quilters Haven in Moose Jaw – it’s based on concepts from the book Bold and Beautiful by Judi Daines.  We chose a piece of fabric that seemed to have a “flowery” design in it. We then developed these petals, flowers and leaves using thread painting techniques.  I chose a fabric that was a bit dark, so I had to add some paint to the wall hanging as well. I added beads for sparkle. I’m thinking that my photo doesn’t do it justice! A fun project to make.

In making this project, we were careful to have suitably colored bobbin thread too.  This is the back of the quilt. It’s supposed to look as nice as the front!

It’ll Last Longer than Flowers:  My friends Heather and Elissa Willms gave me fabric following my mom’s death – with a note that it would last longer than flowers.  I designed this quilt using nearly every little bit of fabric that they gave me!!

Jackets entered in Quilt Canada.  I entered the “more colorful” jacket (Prairie Splendor) in Quilt Canada in Nfld. in 2008.  Rambling Curves was entered in 2009.  I was thrilled to win first prize in the Wearable Art category.





The Queen and Her Court

This is a ‘block of the month’ being offered at The Quilt Patch in Moose  Jaw – Jan, 2010. Of course – this is the ‘before quilting’ photo. It is being quilted as I speak!  It’s a very big quilt – I’ll have to take a photo on the bed next time.


Watch for updates!

DSCN1463 [Desktop Resolution]

The Colors of Newfoundland:  This wall hanging is made as my souvenir of Quilt Canada in Newfoundland in 2008. I loved the bright colors of the houses – the water and other landmarks are important parts of the picture too!

DSCN1452 [Desktop Resolution]

Classy Pinwheels:  As you can see there are a few other items in the same competition!! This uses only one pattern piece.  This is also a class.

DSCN1454 [Desktop Resolution]

Borealis – This is a pattern by Aardvark.  I do seem to like curves and arcs.  This is also a class.

DSCN1455 [Desktop Resolution]

My Shirt Quilt:  You can see a shirt hanging there.  I made this quilt out of silk shirts that I bought for $1.00 at Liquidation World.  I had to add a few more silks and batiks.

DSCN1456 [Desktop Resolution]

Curves and Arcs – This will be added to my “classes”.  It is just one more sample of the Curves and Arcs class.

DSCN1457 [Desktop Resolution]

My collection of Cat Fabrics:  I do have a collection of cat fabrics – and patterns using cats also!!  Anyway – this quilt used up a few of those fabrics.  Think there might be enough for a few more quilts!!



This is one of my “scrappy” quilts. I found many trays of 2″ squares that were left over from making color wash quilts a few years ago.I dumped them all into a bin and used them as “thread ends” when I was piecing. Soon, I had many sets of “two” – which soon became sets of four -and ‘so on’.  Eventually, they were made into blocks of 36 squares.  I set the lighter colors together with sashing to make this quilt.  I had enough darker squares to make another quilt (shown further on in the gallery).I called this quilt “Get a Life!”


For several years Marni MacDonald and I made embellished, quilted jackets. Together, we made over 300 and sold them in various venues all over Canada and the USA.

For some reason, we both kept the scrappy pieces from our jackets (in very large bins!)  After she died, I went through these bins and made this quilt with the scraps from many of the jackets.  I’m sure Marni would have been pleased with my thriftiness!


This quilt is called “Beyond Thrifty”.  These are the ‘darker’  colorwash 2″ squares. They also started as thread ends when I was quilting – they were put together in the same manner as the earlier quilt.


Bubblicious – This quilt was featured in Quilters Home magazine, March, 2009.  Mark Lipinski taught classes in Moose Jaw last year, and chose this quilt from the outdoor quilt show to be featured in his magazine.


I like to make quilts with “strata” designs.  This is a pattern called Caramel Latte by Fourth and Sixth Designs.


This is a quilt from Katie Pasquini Masopust’s new book: Design Explorations for the Creative Quilter.  Lots of wonderful ideas in her book.


This is a BUGGY BARN quilt.  I’ve made many of their patterns – love the technique – but, I seem to give them away – so, don’t have many pictures!!


Today is Your Birthday – Also a Buggy Barn Pattern.  I’ve used mostly Buggy Barn fabric for this, as well – they have a wonderful pink and brown collection.


I’ve taught this Buggy Barn pattern several times.  Buckley is my ‘grand dog’!!! I think it is likely so popular because it’s so cute and there are so few “doggie” patterns out there.  The quilt designers must all be “cat” people.  There is actually a Buggy Barn ‘cat’ pattern too.



I made this quilt using Mark Lipinski’s first line of fabric. I had bought a few pieces – it became my challenge to make a quilt with what I had – without going to purchase more!! I also added beading to the circles of fabric.


Canada Day in Ottawa, 2007!  Moose Jaw was one of five ‘Cultural Capitols of Canada’ in 2007.  I was chosen to be one of three artists to represent Moose Jaw in Ottawa on July 1, 2007. It was certainly a thrill and a wonderful experience. Byron and Beth Crabbe and myself set up a display of our artwork near Parliament Hill in Ottawa.  I had this piece on a portable quilt frame – I demonstrated hand quilting  to 100’s of people during the day.  Unfortunately, I haven’t quite finished quilting it yet!!


I made this quilt to hang in our display in Ottawa, as well.  I know, I know – I forgot to add a moose!! Shame on me!


15 thoughts on “Gallery

  1. Carolyn Langley on said:

    Hi Marj, I was luck enough to meet you at a class in Port Hawkesbury Nova Scotia, and I love your quilts, how you and teach, and just the fun of learning how to quilt..
    My best friend is having her 60th birthday in July, and I love your Birthday quilt from Buggy Barn, can you tell me how to reach this company, as I would love to make this quilt.
    Thank you, keep having fun stitching..

  2. Barb MacIntyre on said:

    I loved viewing all your quilts. You love making cat quilts too! I just donated a “Cat ” Quilt to the SPCA in Antigonish. They will sell tickets on it all summer and hopefully make lots of money for the society.
    Looking forward to seeing you in Cape Breton!

  3. Deb Reynolds on said:

    Hi Marj-just took a wonder through your gallery-all I can say is WOW! I’m working on my first quilt-you warned me that quilting can be addicting-pretty sure I’m hooked! Ha!

    • marjmoore on said:

      Deb – That’s great!! I wish I had the technical knowledge to keep my blog up to date. I would way rather figure out a sewing machine!! I have a jacket entered in Quilt Canada in Calgary this year – that’s fun.
      I was finally going thru the two bins of mom’s scrapbooks last nite. Very interesting – I’m sure every funeral notice in the last 30 years is in there. It’s hard to believe that Brian has been gone for so long. Found some neat stuff. She had kept the reply’s for our weddings!! There’s a picture of Marvin, Don and Gord on horses – it’s labeled – the day they skipped school! I had planned on looking thru – then, throwing them out – but, I’ve decided I’d better send them back to Hanley – Joyce and Deb might as well read and reminisce too.
      I’m going to S’toon Apr 12 to give a trunk show presentation to their guild. Don’t know if you’re involved in that.
      Happy quilting – Marj

  4. Sandy McCarthy on said:

    Hi Marj,
    Deb told me about your website. Wow, what alot of work and so beautiful. Glad to read your talent is being recognized! Will call you soon.
    Keep the needle sharp!

  5. HI Marj,
    I enjoy checking your web page to see what wonderful greations you’ve come up with. But I am also interested in how you hang your quilts for display, when you dont use the sleeve method? If youd let me know what those blue clips are and were to get them. I also noticed you use large clips and then some kind of a hook to use with a curtain rod? Some times its hard to display large quilts any ideas would be a help. Thanks
    Love them all!!.

  6. Mary R on said:

    Oh Marj, everyone of this is fantastic. I found your blog because I am thinking of making a Buggy Barn quilt for my daughter’s milestone birthday and she loves to celebrate birthdays. But I have not done one before, how hard was the birthday quilt?

    And again, oh my goodness, it took me a long time to read and take in all the photos, thank you for the inspiration.

  7. Lovely quilts, photos and displays. Thanks for sharing. Incredible jacket!

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  9. Enjoyed all your quilts, great variety of styles, but the coats are to die for.. lea(MPQ) MEMBER.

  10. Sandra on said:

    Great to meet you and take your class yesterday in Brandon, really enjoyed looking at your blog , too.

  11. Linda Klemenz on said:

    Enjoyed going through your Gallery! So much inspiration! I’m heading to the sewing room!!

  12. Even more inspiration, if I would update the ‘ gallery’!,,

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