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16 thoughts on “Contact

  1. Brenda on said:

    Hi Marg,
    I was just working on my schedule for April, and was wondering how many days the Eureka quilt takes for a class. I was interested in the migrating geese and the New York Beauty as well. Let me know. I have the weekends of the 4th and the 25th booked in April, and the last week-end in May booked as well. Let me know. Thanks


    P.S. Everyone loves your quilt by the way.

  2. BRENDA on said:

    Hi Marg,
    Sorry, it’s been so long since you emailed me and I haven’t gotten back to you. I’ve been doing book work since I got back from Moose Jaw. I want to book a time when you could come and teach for maybe 2 days to make it worth our while. I was wondering if you charge anything for mileage, or what you charge for mileage. Also, if you taught for 2 days, would you need a room for 3 nights or drive back after the class on the second day? I was thinking about the New York Beauty or the flying geese curvy thing, can’t think of the name right now.

    Talk to you soon.


  3. Barb MacIntyre on said:

    Hi Marj:
    we would like to do the curves and arcs in Port Hawkesbury, June 29th. The girls are wondering what is needed for the workshop, I cannot find the info on your blog.
    We would like to pass the info along in our newsletter that is going out on Friday to all the Cape Breton quilters.
    Barb, Tuesday, June 2’09

    • marjmoore on said:

      Barb – I don’t have supply lists on my blog. For that class- they will need some thin “tracing paper”. I use some that I bought from an outdoor clothing supply place. But, any of the tracing paper that you buy in pkg’s in Fabricland would do too. What I have seems to be like the white paper that is on Dr’s office beds. We will draw patterns on that – so, a pencil too!! I would suggest a variety of fabrics for the wall hanging that they want to make. They could be fat quarters, or small amounts of coordinating fabrics. -and the regular sewing supplies. We would not get as far as quilting or embellishing, etc – so no need to bring those supplies. Marj

  4. Brenda on said:

    Hi Marj.
    Happy to hear you won some ribbons at the show. I’m sorry I didn’t make it I woke up Sunday morning with a pulled, very soar muscle in my arm and didn’t think I could manage to wash my hair, so decided not to go to Lethbridge. I also thought I could stand to miss one, since I’d just been to Calgary & Moose Jaw’s shows. I’m very sad I didn’t go now though. I heard from different people that it was very good. That will teach me to carry everything at once instead of taking two trips won’t it.
    How does Aug. 13th and the 14th sound to you for the classes? I also have July 8th & 9th available. Let me know which you’d prefer. Talk to you soon.


  5. ann casey on said:

    As I was working away on my New York Beauties, I realized that I should have told you that I learned lots in the recent workshops in St. John’s. I had never used freezer paper to cut out patterns pieces (just for applique), and had certainly never used spray starch to stabilize the slightly wonky blocks. Thanks for all your help, and for a great two days sewing.

  6. Hi! I was wondering if you would be interested in coming to Lafleche to teach your jacket class, in the fall?(October or November) Are your rates still as you have posted? I look forward to hearing from you.

    • marjmoore on said:

      Betty Ann – I can’t give a definite answer yet!! We’re moving to Winnipeg in July. I know that I have to be back here for Nov 5 – so, that would make it more convenient (and cheaper for you) if I was coming anyway. Yes – my prices, except for ‘travel’ are about the same. How many people would you have? Does it have to be on the wkend? Also – the Quilters Haven is having me teach a two day class (next Mar/Apr??) for a retreat that they are hosting.
      Thanks for your interest – hopefuly, we can work something out. Marj

  7. Amy Louttit on said:

    Hi Marj
    I’m taking the migrating geese class from you in Brandon in June and just can’t decide on my colours. do you have any other pictures of that quilt done in other colour waves,maybe from some of the classes that you have taught on it. I have decided on batiks, but am having a hard time deciding where I want to put my light and darks.

    • I don’t have any photos myself. Check out Shaggy Dog designs – I think she has one made of bright colors. Also, you don’t have to decide on all the colors right now. As you look at the photo – we’ll be making the two geese trails on the left center and one other. As long as you have some ideas to get started, you’ll be OK. Marj

  8. Hi Marj!
    I thoroughly enjoyed your New York Beauties class yesterday ( I even came home and started another square!). Your blog and quilt photos are fantastic; you are so talented!

  9. Hi. I tried to send you an e-mail and it bounced back. I’m wondering how I could obtain the pattern for your Lego quilt….Thanks!

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