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Commission Pieces

These pieces were made as a memory quilt for a family of four children. When mom died, the kids remembered a favorite housecoat.  7 pieces ( her favorite number) of the housecoat were added to each quilt.img_2155 img_2156 img_2157 img_2158IMG_1783IMG_1782IMG_1036IMG_1788IMG_1787imageMemory quilt – one side includes years of t-shirt memories and the other side has ‘run for the cure’ t-shirts.



These quilts were made as memory quilts for the Reidy family in Moose Jaw.  The fabrics were taken from her clothing after she passed away. Hope enjoy cuddling under them- lots of memories here


This quilt was made for a couple who got married in Regina, SK during the summer of 2012.  They had all their guests send a piece of fabric that had some meaning to it.

Austen Preete – grad quilt from 2011


2 thoughts on “Commission Pieces

  1. catherine swaine on said:

    Hello. I saw your beautiful work at the WAG show. You had a beautiful quilt hanging behind your table with birch trees and fallen leaves. I believe it was $200. Is this panel still available?


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