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Quilting in MB

It seems like it might be time for an update!  No, unfortunately, the gallery and classes aren’t being updated! There always seems to be some reason that other things come first!! This moving sure does take more time than I ever would have thought. I think it’s worse because our place is so much smaller- I’m starting to declutter for the third time!!  Also, I’m teaching 4 days at Quilters Cottage in Stonewall. In November, I’m going to Estevan.

But, on to quilting: I went to the W’peg quilt guild mtg last week- I even knew a couple of people!  On Sunday, I went to a quilt show at St.Francis Xavier – it was really very good – it is closer to my house, so, I’m tempted to join their guild. To get to the  W’peg  guild, I have to drive  40 km!  Zandra, Leila and I went to the big sale at Kick Ass Country Store – might avoid that next year!  Yes, the deals were great, but most of us stood in a line up out of the door, waiting to pay (for close to an hour)!

I’ve been in Moose Jaw – visiting and getting ready for our Collaboration Show. Gus is going away for 3 weeks, so, his pieces are all done!! Myself, on the other hand, I have lots of quilting to do!!  Hope to see lots of people at our opening – Nov 12 – 2-4 at the Cultural Center.

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