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September update!

A lot of the unpacking has been done!  I’m sure it’s taking longer because I have to sort again.  I thought I had ‘decluttered’ and got rid of things in Moose Jaw. The condo is smaller than I remembered (and there is no garage), so I’m donating again!

I do have my sewing room up and running, tho. Right now, I’m getting some pieces ready for a collaboration show that Gus Froese and I are putting together for the May Wilson gallery in Moose Jaw.  The show will be  hung in the gallery on Nov 5.  We will have an opening ‘wine and cheese’ event on Nov 12- looking forward to seeing everyone there. I believe the show will be hanging until after Christmas.

I’m also thrilled to be teaching at the Quilters’ Cottage in Stonewall in Oct.  I’ll be doing a two day class following one of Gloria Loughman’s books – love her techniques.  I will also be teaching a bag designed by Hopscotch Quilts on two other dates.  Watch for the newsletter.

I’m getting to see lots of the grandchildren – only for short periods – so, we’re not getting tired of each other- they’re just cute and fun!!!

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