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Happy Thanksgiving!!

Hope everyone is having a great wkend – we have lots to be thankful for! Safe travelling to anyone who is on the road. Curtis, Amanda and Bethany are driving from Winnipeg.  If you ever check – you’ll know that we’re excited to be having a new grandchild!! 

As far as quilting news goes:  I’ll be teaching the ‘pinwheel’ class at The Quilt Patch in Moose Jaw next Sat(Oct 17)

 Also, I’ve been named the “featured quilter” for the Moose Jaw quilt show in  Apr, 2011.  That gives me lots of time to finish up a few projects!! But, anyone who knows me, knows that I work better under a little bit of ‘time pressure’!!! 

The Home Ec conf in Moose Jaw last weekend was a great success.  There were some issues with the spa, but the majority of people seem pleased with the programing.  That’s satisfying to know – after all the work that went into it.

Deb Richards and myself are having our annual Christmas Quilt Sale – Nov 7 &. 8  More info to follow.

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