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Fall update!

Finally – I’ve added one more class and some photos to my gallery:;I taught Migrating Geese in Coaldale, AB. I have so many more ideas – they’ll be done eventually!! I also teach a pattern called Eureka by Jackie Robinson – photos to follow.

My mom had a blood clot and various other serious health issues in the last few weeks.  We think she just felt she’d had enough of the ill health and decided to leave us on Sept 2. We will certainly miss her, but are also thankful that she enjoyed a successful and happy long life.  We’ve had a great time reminising and visiting with family and friends- I’m sure mom was listening, cause she sure would have hated to miss it all.

Classes are planned for Medicine Hat on Sept 17, 18.  I’m hoping that there are enough people to make them ” a go”!!

The Canadian Quilter is out. Be checking out all the classes for Quilt Canada in Calgary in 2010. The mind boggles – just don’t know what to choose.  It really is time to be thinking about  entries  for the juried show too.( I know – some people have been planning and quilting for months!!)

There is a great new Canadian quilting magazine on the market. It’s called Quilters Connection:  The magazine is completely Canadian, with articles about Canadian quilters such as Pippa Moore and Dougal Ann Walker.  The featured store is even from SK – Veronica’s in Kindersley.  I highly recommend it.  I’m not sure how it is sold – I’m thinking that it may be just to quilt shops at this time.

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