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Quilting in Cape Breton

Thanks again to the members of the Ocean Waves Quilt Society of Cape Breton!!! I thoroughly enjoyed the day that I spent with these quilters in Port Hawkesbury. I taught a tessilating pattern.  Some of these quilters will be making table centers, other runners or candle matts;  It was a versatile pattern.  I hope to meet up with them again – lots of fun (and very good food too!!)

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3 thoughts on “Quilting in Cape Breton

  1. Carolyn Langley on said:

    HI Marj; thank you ever so much for the wonderful class, I hope to make more of those pinwheels, maybe not today or next week, but some time soon. It was a lot of fun. Hope the rest of your Cape Breton Vacation was a good one..and you managed to find some sun.
    tea tyme quilter Port Hawkesbury.

    • marjmoore on said:

      Carolyn – Thanks – I very much enjoyed being there too. I forgot to ask how you managed with the Buggy Barn quilt – did you get it made??
      We’re finally getting a bit of summer here- the first hot day in the two weeks that we’ve been home!

    • marjmoore on said:

      Carolyn – Please ignore if I’ve already sent a message (I think it came back to me!) I forgot to ask how you managed with the birthday cake quilt?? I always enjoy being with the CB quilters. We talk the same language -seems like we’ve been friends forever!! Marj

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